Woochie Spirit Gum (4 ml)

Woochie Spirit Gum (4 ml)

Cinema Secrets

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About the product
Woochie Spirit Gum is a waterproof adhesive that is perfect to attach prosthetics and appliances to skin.

What is included?
Resin based Adhesive - 4 ml

What does it do?
Woochie Spirit Gum works equally well with light weight appliances, facial hair etc as well as large, professional level prosthetics.

How safe is it?
A patch test is recommended before use.
Apply spirit gum to the surfaces where you want to adhere.

After few seconds spread out the spirit gum with a sponge or fingers to make it tacky.

Position the appliance and press down to adhere properly.

Using a cotton swab, apply spirit gum remover such as Mehron Spirit Gum Remover or Cinema Secrets Adhesive Remover (not included) to the spirit gum and begin to detach the bond. Continue till the bond comes off.

Using more spirit gum remover on a cotton ball, remove all remaining spirit gum from skin.

Remove all remaining traces with soap and water.

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